Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver.  We do charge for delivery.  Please contact us for a delivery price, or you can add delivery onto your order when you place your order through our order form.  Delivery means to your driveway only.  If you need help moving it into place, there is an additional set-up fee.

How far will you deliver?
We will deliver anywhere in Utah and the surrounding states. Please contact us for a delivery price, or you can add delivery onto your order when you place your order through our order form.  If you are outside of our delivery area, we will ship our hutches and coops anywhere.  Please contact us for a shipping quote.  Freight charges to areas out of state typically range from $150-500 depending on the size of the hutch/coop and how far it is going.

Can you move my item into place for me?

Yes! Our delivery fee only includes a drop-off to your driveway.  If you need help moving it into place, we will be happy to move it for you for an additional fee.  Please add delivery+set up to your order if you need help moving it into place.  Price varies depending on the item, how far, and the terrain of your backyard.  Please text pictures and the distance to our business phone number.

What if I need it sooner than 10-14 days?
On our order form, please choose expedited service.  You can choose either 3 days (for an additional 20%) or 5 days (for an additional 15%).  Your items may be done sooner than 10-14 days, but we do not guarantee it without the expedited service.

Will the rabbit hutch/chicken coop fit in my mini-van/SUV?
Our 29″ rabbit hutch may fit, but other sizes will not.  It is best to check the largest dimensions and measure your vehicle first. We always recommend a truck or trailer if you want to pick up the item yourself.  Most of the time, delivery is cheaper than renting a truck or trailer.

Can you paint or stain it for me?
No.  You will need to paint or stain it yourself, which we do recommend.

What paint or stain do you recommend?
An exterior paint or any deck stain should work well!

Do you require a deposit?
We require a $50 non-refundable deposit for any item over $300 (including tax).  You can pay with cash, check, venmo or we can invoice you and you can pay with a credit card.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash or Venmo is preferred.  We will also take a check.  If you would like to pay with a credit card there will be an additional processing fee of  2.75% (except on the deposits).

Do you charge sales tax?
Yes.  There is 6.75% sales tax on top of our price.  There is no sales tax on delivery or set-up. If ordering through our order form, sales tax is included on your quote.

Can I use the hutch or coop indoors?
We do not recommend any of our hutches or coops to be used indoors.

How big of a coop should I purchase?
That is completely up to you! We recommend you purchase the biggest one you can afford.  It is recommended to have at least 6 square feet per chicken (which is how we determine how many chickens it holds), but if you can afford to go bigger or if you have bigger chickens, we recommend that you purchase a bigger coop.

Are rabbits ok outside year round?
Yes! Rabbits live in the wild outside year round, so they are definitely ok in our hutches.  They do need access to water at all times.  During the summer, we also recommend you freeze a water bottle and put it in their cage during the day to help keep them cool.  During the winter we recommend a heated water bottle and adding some straw to the nesting area for them to burrow in.  You can purchase products that we recommend directly from our Recommended Products page.


Any additional questions, please contact us!